Heidelberg University is engaging with alumni

As you may have already heard Heidelberg University has opened an office in New York City. The idea behind this initiative is to expand the universities international outreach and to re-engage former students, professors, fellows or researchers as well as exchange students with their alma mater. The university has built a network, Heidelberg Alumni International, to promote personal, professional and academic exchange between the university and its alumni, as well as between the alumni themselves.

Heidelberg University has also developed an online networking portal (HAInet) and invites alumni to join their colleagues, friends and fellow students who already registered. The network is open to all alumni (German and international) who studied, researched, worked at, or graduated from Heidelberg University. (https://alumniportal-heidelberg.de)

The US section, Heidelberg Alumni U.S. (HAUS), is a key piece of Heidelberg University’s international student network, connects its members not only with fellow alumni in North America but also with alumni across the globe.  The U.S. group offers regional meetings and unique local programs, such as networking events, lectures by visiting scholars and more. Also planned are mentoring opportunities for current and former students and researchers and the set up of scholarship fund.  Furthermore, Heidelberg University alumni from around the world are expected to visit Heidelberg to join the festivities at the university’s 625th anniversary in 2011 – an event not to be missed.

I hope this has sparked your curiosity and I encourage you to visit http://www.haus.uni-hd.de to find out more about HAUS.  If you are interested in joining HAUS please sign up at http://www.haus.uni-hd.de/en/anmeldung_haus.html. If you have questions, please contact HAUS(at)alumni.uni-heidelberg.de  or Irmintraud “Jimmie” Jost in New York, at 212-758-3324 or ijost(at)heidelberguniversity.us.

Please forward this email to fellow students and friends who studied in Heidelberg or other friends of Heidelberg University and invite them to join this great network.

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HAUS Scholarship 2016 available
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HAUS Scholarship 2015/2016 awarded
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Third HAUS Scholarship awarded (2014/2015)
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